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Property Maintenance

Property Upkeep That Makes All the Difference

What Is Property Maintenance?

When you opt for professional maintenance for your existing property, you’re looking for all of the essential applications to keep it attractive to potential tenants. Safety checks, cleaning, repairs – these simple tasks can keep paying residents satisfied, improve property appeal overall, and enhance your reputation within your community. 

Though you should be proactive in redressing any issues you notice with your property, most of the maintenance you or your staff will perform will be reactive. That is why it is so important to keep an open dialog with your tenants, and offer additional benefits to them during their residency, including

  • Building Walkthroughs
  • Regular Cleaning
  • HVAC Filter Replacements
  • Faulty Appliance Replacement
  • Flooding Remediation
  • And more…

Types of Property Maintenance Workers

Most property management staff fall into three different groups: the property manager, maintenance technician, and the janitor. Property managers keep all orders straight and see to the administration of necessary tasks to maintain a healthy, safe environment. This can include cleanliness and optimal function for appliances. 

To help the property manager in his efforts to maintain cleanliness and order, he employs a maintenance technician and one or more janitors. The maintenance technician receives orders to fix broken or malfunctioning machinery units, and enhance comfort, and also manages outside contractors. The janitor plays an essential role in keeping the surroundings clean, safe, and welcoming for tenants and guests.

Example of Property Maintenance

When you own a property, and you hire a firm to handle the maintenance of said property, your tenants proactively make property managers aware of any issues. In an apartment complex, for instance, a tenant will notice something wrong, such as a water drip. They submit an official request and the work begins.

The property manager will assign the task to the maintenance technician, and, after the latter devises a temporary fix, a more permanent solution will be implemented at the earliest date.

This process could take hours, or it could take days. The maintenance personnel will coordinate with additional outside contractors, as well, if it is beyond the scope of their abilities. The janitorial staff will ensure any after-service cleanup is taken care of in a timely, efficient manner before returning to their daily duties.

For more information concerning property maintenance, or to schedule your personal consultation with us, call Progress 3 Capital, LLC at (615) 642-0951.

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